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Arthur L. Bernstein posters


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Action Biography Arthur L. Bernstein Bernstein is the Producer, Writer, Actor for Walt Before Mickey. He is the Producer, Actor for American Brawler, Swing State. He was born March 3rd in the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach to parents Michele Alexanne Packer and Richard S. Bernstein, who are no longer married today. Mr. Bernstein attended Cardigan Mountain, Brewster Academy and Palm Beach Gardens High-school, which he graduated high-school with honors in 1996. This led Bernstein to a scholarship at the University of Miami having earned his Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture and Theatre Production with a minor in Marketing as a graduate of 2000. Bernstein is an award winning film maker. Bernstein began his career film career as an extra on SuperForce TV show in the 1980s. He always had a passion for film. Bernstein worked at WXEL for radio checks. He eventually worked on productions such as U.S. Customs Classified with Stephen J. Canal and Reebok Commercial as an extra. Bernstein went on to direct many commercials and infomercials such as the City Of Riveria Beach, Port of Palm Beach, Jeffrey Greenwald Commercial Mayor Frankel for West Palm Beach in 2004, Bob Beamon Golf & Tennis 2004 with Dr. read more

J and Carl Lewis. Bernstein worked on various Happy Madison features at Sony Studios in California. Bernstein holds credits in movies such as Lemon Twist which was O.J. Simpson last movie, The Mastermind, Hitter's Anonymous and Senorita Justice. Bernstein went on to learn from the famous Burt Reynolds. Bernstein went on to produce a TV show called the Screening Room where people all over the world were sending their student films and films to be screened. They had guests such as Paul Lazarus III, stuntman Mike Kurton, Johnathan Krane, and etc. Bernstein has acted as himself in many Business Development Board videos for the Gala at the Breakers Hotel with many other business leaders in Palm Beach Community. Arthur, a rainmaker at Richard S. Bernstein and is responsible for group business development,individual life insurance and employee benefits analysis at Richard S. Bernstein and Associates, Inc. Mr. Bernstein has a background in marketing including assisting corporations expand their current revenues while creatively exploring additional methods to reduce insurance costs. In addition to utilizing his communication skills to teach clients and potential clients the value of insurance. Bernstein would coordinate and film Richard & Robin's Annual Maralago Video at Maralago to show their clients and guests. Mr. Bernstein has a unique ability of placing business leaders together for profitable relationships. Bernstein is an avid fan of movies and sports. His favorite teams are the Miami Heat, The New York Yankees and the Miami Dolphins. His favorite players are Dwyane Wade and Derek Jeter. His all time favorite players are Lou Gherig, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Rickey Henderson, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Don Mattingly, Jim Brown, O.J. Simpson and Dan Marino.

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