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Arthur J. Miller Jr. posters


November 30, 1948

Birth Sign



Art Miller is the production industry's most experienced and safest Railroad Coordinator and railroad locations and equipment scout. For almost 30 years, Miller has blended expert railroad operations, safety management and production skills on 60+ production projects.In January 2015, Miller was appointed The Western Group's System Director - Safety & Regulatory Compliance. He oversees safety, training, qualification and certification programs at four railroads including the 250-mile Southwestern Railroad in the New Mexico oilfields. Prior to that, he served for eight years in a similar capacity at Iowa Pacific Holdings. Miller is a certified Engineer; DSLE (Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers); a Locomotive Engineer and Conductor Instructor; and WG's primary railroad safety rules and operating practices instructor.Courses taught include HazMat and Physical Security; First Responder (Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement) railroad emergency incident response procedures; Accident/Incident Investigation; and Transportation Operations Safety (advanced/technical). read more

Miller's railroad seniority dates to the Tennessee Central Railway in 1967.His previous professional experience includes TV news reporter/anchor; Congressional Press Secretary, based on Washington, DC; law enforcement; U.S. Railway Association rail operations and marketing analyst; and short line/regional railroad marketing and government relations manager. Extensive U.S. and international logistics consulting experience for railroads; motor carriers; inland/deep-water ports; economic development agencies; and attorneys/economic consulting firms. Expert witness in railroad operations and safety; logistics economics; and international trade.

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