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Arsi Nami posters


May 21, 1984

Birth Sign



5' 9" (1.75 m)


Arsi Nami is an award winning Music Therapist, Actor, Singer & Songwriter born as Arsalan Nami, in Shiraz, Iran. He and his family were refugees migrating to Sweden in 1988 during the Iran and Iraq war. He grew up in Sweden learning Farsi, Swedish, Dari, English, Norwegian, French, Danish and Spanish. Music credits Fox TV show's "Bones", The Goodwin Games and Cannes Film Festival movie Crown Prince of Heaven. He was the lead actor and composer in drama shortfilm Love Is Blind, which won the 2017 Jury Prize at Cannes International Film Festival Entr'2 Marches for sharing disability awareness.His commercial acting credits include giant brands such as BMW, Hewlett Packard, Ford Motor Company, Samsung, Disney, NBA, Guitar Center, Los Defensores. Arsi Nami is also one of the lead actors in 2017 European Cinematography Award winning Drama film Camelia as Vincent the painter and lead actor in comedy film Villa, nominated for best male actor as well as a 2017 Official Selection at Premio Tortoreto alla Cultura, Italy, 2017 AM Egypt Film Festival, International Festival of Short Films on Culture & Tourism, India an. read more

His modeling work for brands such as Carriere Menswear, ETON, FriarTux and Canali.According to MTV.com, he is listed as one of the few award winning multilingual Pop Singers and Music Therapist outside of Iran. He is also known to be the first Iranian to introduce Music Therapy to the Iranian population, where music is used to help increase quality of life for individuals with psychological and physical deficits. He is also being a philanthropist contributing and helping communities in need, such as special needs kids and individuals with disabilities.His breakthrough came when he participated on Sikta Mot Stjärnorna (Aiming at the Stars), a national talent show program televised on TV4 (Sweden).organized by FremantleMedia (American Idol). After two auditions where 4000 participated, he became one of the 45 to enter the show singing "Hero" (from Enrique Iglesias) live on national television, and winning the second place award.He originally took on the career of a basketball player as he accomplished receiving 2 Most Valuable Player Awards as the best player in Jönköping during the 1995/1996 and 1996/1997 season and 1 Most Valuable Player Award as the best player of Southern Sweden during the Swedish Championship Basketball Competition in 1997/1998 season.He learned how to play the piano by ear as a kid by sitting and watching to his oldest brother play. Michael Jackson was another idol of his which he wanted to learn from. Arsi Nami's love for music grew and he became known for "Little Michael Jackson" performing at parties and events in the city of Jonkoping in Sweden. He developed the passion for writing love poems for girls he fell in love with during middle school which he later recorded rap songs out of them. By middle school, music had increased his self-confidence to a point where he was performing in-front of large audiences. As a trivia, since middle school, Arsi Nami still knows how to rap the all the verses of Will Smith's hits songs. another childhood idol of his.His national TV and music breakthrough came around the corner of year 2002, as he was offered to learn how to play the guitar by his high school teacher. As he gained additional music skills, he auditioned for "Aiming at the Stars" (in Swedish: Sikta Mot Stjarnorna), a national talent show program televised on TV4 (Sweden) produced by Freemantle Media ( famous for American Idol). With 3000 participants, Arsi Nami was one of the 45 to make the final stage, singing live on television, winning the 2nd place award.In 2006, Arsi Nami moved to Los Angeles as he was accepted to the Music program at Santa Monica College. He graduated with honors with degree in Music. In 2010, his music career started to take a different route. His brother was diagnosed by spinal cord cancer, which left his right side of body temporary paralyzed. Arsi watched his brother go through physical therapy and music therapy as part of his rehabilitation and recovery. He witnessed his brother gain motor skills in his right side of body by playing the piano, where playing the keys with his fingers made his blood flow and circulate to strengthen his fine and gross motor skills. His brother was back to work and Arsi had found his new passion and career within Music Therapy. He auditioned for the music therapy program at California State University of Northridge and was one of the 23 students to make the program. He graduated in 2014 with Honors and Bachelor Arts degree in Music Therapy. He has since then been a philanthropist, helping people in need, helping communities. He also Co-founded a non profit organization Opportunitree to help serve individuals with disabilities, children, elderly as well as the community through with not only with use of music therapy, creative arts, but in any way to help increase their daily living skills and quality of lives. He has also been invited as a guest speaker to universities such as UCLA, California State University of Channel Islands, Northridge as well as to different cities in the U.S and major TV and Radio station to talk about music therapy and sharing his life story from Iran to Sweden to Los Angeles to inspire students and communities. He is today is listed as one of the few award winning multilingual Pop Singers and Music Therapist outside of Iran. He is also known to be the first Iranian to introduce Music Therapy to the Iranian population, where music is used to help increase quality of life for individuals with psychological and physical deficits.He took on the acting career in October 2015, after going through a tough period of challenges including a car accident, depression anxiety disorder, breakup from a relationship, which resulted with him attending acting workshops as therapy. His passion for acting grew, and he started to challenge himself into the silver screen by auditioning for commercials and roles which led into commercial and TV roles such as: lead role in 2017 Cannes Film Festival Entr'2 Marches winning film Love is Blind, commercials for Ford, HP, Samsung, Guitar Center, Independence Day Resurgence, Westin Hotels, Clorox, El Vato, Los Defensores and more.He is also an accomplished singer and songwriter with music featured on several TV Shows, films and video games. His song She Wants To Fly (feat. Levi Whalen) was featured on FOX TV show Bones on May 12, 2014. The song was originally written for Freedom In Iran during the 2009 Presidential Elections and has previously been featured on the soundtrack of Cannes Film Festival featured independent movie, Crown Prince of Heaven, in 2010.His dance-pop song Never Be Lonely (feat. Levi Whalen) was on June 3, 2013 featured on Fox TV show The Goodwin Games, Never Be Lonely is also featured as the Official Dance track for Web Video Game Good Game Disco, made by 2012/2013 Award winning European Game developer Goodgame Studios.His song Paradise feat. Levi Whalen, was on May 1, 2015 voted as #1 song at top 100 Indie Dance/Disco chart on Spinnin' Records Talent Pool. The song was also voted as number 1 song at March top 10 on House dance charts.His song Miracle was featured for ten weeks on Beatport as Top Staff Pick in the pop/rock category along with Kelly Clarkson and Radiohead.His music is Pop, with his cultural musical blend of Eurodance, World Rhythms and Electronica.Arsi Nami also joins Andrea Bocelli, The Beatles and Elvis Presley for releasing Consuelo Velázquez famous song Besame Mucho, which makes it the first Duo/Latin Dance version in history of this Public Domain song, produced by Levi Whalen and co-sung with singer Jacqueline PadillaOn April 27th 2012, Arsi Nami became the first artist to release his Pop Electronic and Progressive House rendition of world famous Italian song Caro Mio Ben featuring UK based producer Kryphon. Caro Mio Ben was written by italian composer Giuseppe Giordani, and famous by artists such as Luciano Pavarotti.On January 14, 2012, Arsi Nami was signed by Music Publishing company Winogradsky/Sobel and Dearth Music to have his music pitched for Television, Film, Video Games etc. becoming the first artist in the company representing Pop, Dance and World MusicHis music also listed on FairShareMusic, with profits going to human rights and health support organizations such as: Red Cross, War Child, Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy, Amnesty, Cancer Care & Research.

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