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5' 7" (1.7 m)


A talent on the rise and a stunning Cuban beauty, audiences may recognize Arlyn Broche for her standout role in Season 2 of HBO's smashing hit series "Ballers" starring alongside Dwayne Johnson and Andy Garcia. She is also coming off her role on CBS' "The Inspectors" with Jessica Lundy and Terry Serpico,As the daughter of Cuban immigrants, the Miami native had acting in her blood, quite literally. Her father was a very successful television, film and theatre actor in Cuba, Arlyn was destined to follow in his footsteps and from an early age envisioned herself to become a successful Hollywood actress. For political reasons the family had to flee the country in the Mariel boat lift with Arlyn's two older siblings.A gifted and creative child, at 9 years old, she was cast as Shakespeare's 'Juliet,' later chosen to recite Jose Marti's famous poem 'Cultivo una Rosa Blanca' at a Spanish Heritage Festival and subsequently cast in different roles, none too small, so long as they allowed her the opportunity to continue to express her passion for the arts. read more

Arlyn went on to play different roles in her personal and professional life, including the role of young wife, mother of three kids and entrepreneur.After graduating from G Holmes Braddock High School, she went on to attend Florida International University to major in business. Simultaneously, she was managing a family bakery with her high school sweetheart turned husband and gave birth to her first child. The young wife and mother at only 19-years-old proved she could handle lots of responsibility. One thing led to another and she decided to change her major to health care administration, and became the sole owner and administrator of a health care company. But, no matter what life threw at Arlyn, she never abandoned her dream of pursuing a career as an actress.Even while managing her business, she auditioned and was accepted into the FIU Theatre program, while also being mentored and trained privately by Crystina Wyler, Lori Wyman, Marc Macauley, Marjorie W. Morhaim and Jeanett Hopkins, among others.Taking her talents to the big screen, she is working on 2 film projects. One, filming in Florida, is in indie film Fallaway, following five separate story lines focusing on the frantic manhunt for a brutal serial killer, playing 'Sheriff's Deputy Hendricks.' Additionally, Broche was cast as a lead in a new horror, thriller film MARY, playing 'Skylar Rose,' a caring and loving woman who tries to accommodate everyone before herself. She feels obligated to make her marriage work for the years invested and her 4 children. Weakened by 7 months of pregnancy and diabetes, she tries to keep her family together in their new life.When she isn't on set or at an audition, Arlyn loves spending time with her husband, Osvaldo and their three children; Victoria, Justin and Sophia.

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