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Arlo Guthrie posters


July 10, 1947

Birth Sign



6' (1.83 m)


Arlo Guthrie was born July 10, 1947, in Brooklyn, New York; the son of legendary folk artist Woody Guthrie and Marjorie Mazia Guthrie, a professional dancer with the Martha Graham Company and founder of the Committee to Combat Huntington's Disease. Arlo grew up surrounded by renowned folk musicians: Pete Seeger, Leadbelly, Cisco Houston, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, and the Weavers. Since his first public performance at the age of thirteen, Arlo became absorbed in the music that was shaping the world. By the age of 20 Arlo was touring overseas. He was attracting and surprising audiences all over the world with his unique folk style. Arlo is a natural-born storyteller as well as an accomplished musician playing the piano, 6-string and 12-string guitars, and harmonica. He offers a great selection of old and new, original and traditional songs that are as varied as his audiences. Arlo's career soared with his debut of "The Alice's Restaurant Massacree" at the Newport Folk Festival in 1967. read more

Later that year, Arlo was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Folk Performance category. Although he had not performed "Alice's Restaurant" for years, Arlo put it back on the menu for the Alice's Restaurant Massacree 40th Anniversary Tour, June 2005-May 2006. Arlo toured with members of his family for the Guthrie Family Legacy Tour, June 2006-May 2007. The legacy tour brought together the best of the Guthrie songs and stories from Woody, through the four generations of his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren (depending on mood and availability). Those folkin' Guthries kept the legacy of social activism and humor moving through time in a multimedia performance, which included some previously unreleased recordings of Woody and Marjorie together on stage heard during the show. Never having been a band member and feeling left out of the reunion tours making the rounds these days, Arlo toured the Arlo Guthrie Solo Reunion Tour: Together at Last (with the original band), June 2007-June 2008. Beginning in Oct. 2008, Arlo will be back on the road with a new recording and a new tour, the Lost World Tour, which will continue through May 2009. "Lost World" is the first record of new songs by Arlo since "Mystic Journey" was released in 1996.

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