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Arleo Dordar posters


August 22, 1989

Birth Sign




Arleo's mantra is stay-up and keep pursuing what means the most to you. With a sleep-less work-more attitude, Arleo doesn't give himself boundaries. With a strong imagination for success, he continues to inspire others by offering the market a new, distinct, and original style. All in mentality as a performer, Arleo continues to reinvent himself and serves only the writing. Driven to leave a legacy, he has expanded his repertoire to encompass all aspects of film.Arleo holds a black belt in 4 styles of martial arts, giving him the freedom to perform his own stunts. Outside of show-business, Arleo is a entrepreneur and expands his business horizons as often as his film credits.Appearances include the highly-rated American television series by JJ Abrams, Fox TV's Minority Report, as Trevor Maloney (2015). Other notable credits include Lucifer (2016) and The 100 (2015), in the shows highest rated episode of all time, according to Entertainment Weekly. Arleo's credits are all found on highly anticipated shows that have record breaking viewership, putting him in on a path laden with very strong credits. read more

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