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Aris Mejias posters


Birth Sign



The award winning Puerto Rican actress began her international career in such films as: Cayo (2005), The Caller (2011), and most notably Che: Part One (2008), by Steven Soderbergh. She co-stars alongside Martin Sheen in The Vessel (2016) by director Julio Quintana and executive producer Terrence Malick.Her voice narrates the three-time award-winning film at Tribeca Film Festival Una noche (2012), her passionate portrayal in "Loco de amor: La historia" garnered Juanes a "Best Video Long Format" at the Latin Grammy's 2015, and her performance described by the jury as chameleonic earned a Best Actress award at the Porto Short Film Festival 2016 for Endless Cycle (2015).She owns and operates her clothing label, Skin Onion.

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