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Ariel Vromen posters


February 14, 1973

Birth Sign




Born in Israel, Ariel Vromen has been the creative force behind numerous projects including Feature Films, Shorts, Music videos, and Documentaries and has directed and produced many projects for major production entities such as First Look Films, Screen Media Universal, Lightning Entertainment, Film Colony and Next Wave Films. He has written and directed several films, including the underground hit, Jewel of the Sahara, starring Gerard Butler (300 (2006), The Phantom of the Opera (2004)) the award winning feature film "Rx," starring Colin Hanks (King Kong (2005), Orange County (2002)), Eric Balfour and Lauren German, and the Blue Omega psychological thriller, "Danika," starring award-winning Marisa Tomei, Craig Bierco and Regina Hall. While in London, he opened a recording studio and produced three music albums. Ariel has amassed his film education at both New York University and the Los Angeles Film School and has a law degree from Kent University in the U.K.

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