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Ariane Bellamar posters


Birth Sign


5' 8" (1.73 m)


Born in Florida and raised in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada, Ariane developed a passion for the arts at a young age. Although a quiet child from a troubled family, Ariane would light up for any camera that turned her way - singing, dancing or simply being all-around silly. This is where she felt most comfortable, most like herself - an escape from the turmoil and volatility found in her childhood home.Ariane would rush home every day after school eager to catch the latest episode of "The New Mickey Mouse Club". She dreamed of being on the show, of being "in the TV". She would go on to write dozens of letters to the Walt Disney Company in hopes of joining the cast. Although the one response received from the studio was less than inspirational it didn't dampen her spirit or motivation to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.Ariane continued to follow her dreams throughout her school-aged years. She was often cast as the lead in various local plays. At the age of 10 she wrote, directed and starred in a theater adaptation of her favorite movie "Beaches", performed for her peers at Lawfield Middle School in Hamilton, Ontario. read more

By 12 years of age Ariane was cast as a recurring background player in the Disney TV series "Flash Forward", frequently traveling alone into Toronto by bus to film while continuing to maintain her academic schedule. On one particular trip into the city Ariane was discovered while walking past the set of "Radiant City", a made for TV movie starring Kirstie Alley. Ariane was cast on the spot as a disgruntled 1940's department store shopper playing opposite of Ms. Alley. Ever the opportunist, Ariane made the best of her time on set observing and learning, in awe of it all and more determined than ever to stay committed to her goals and aspirations.Unfortunately, things were not as positive within the family home. Ariane's parent's alcoholism had escalated to the point of intervention and after enduring years of abusive behavior Ariane was removed from the home by Child Protection Services and placed under the care of her maternal grandmother.Well below the poverty line, Ariane and her grandmother shared a one-room studio in what was known as the "Slessor Slums" public housing complex. With little money and an extra mouth to feed, Ariane took on full-time work at a nearby truck stop, working from 11 pm to 7am in an effort to financially support her grandmother while still attending high school. Still failing to make ends meet, Ariane rearranged her class schedule, allowing her to take on a second job busing tables at a local Italian eatery during her lunch break. Overwhelmed and over-committed, Ariane did not return to school the following year. She left high school at the age of 15 and made the decision to make her way to Los Angeles in search of a better life for herself and her grandmother, whom she continued to financially support until her passing 9 years later.Ariane made her way across the country with the help of Greyhound Bus Lines. She took work wherever and whenever available, from waiting tables to pole dancing. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Ariane stayed at various shelters while working and getting on her feet. It took Ariane in excess of 6 years to land her first paying theatrical gig - a small role in "Entourage". Filmed alongside Hugh Hefner, Ariane forged a lasting relationship between herself and the Playboy Corporation, whom she still models for today. While on set, Ariane was introduced to Pauly Shore, which led to her being cast in Mr. Shore's new show "Minding the Store" on TBS. It was there, while filming on the legendary Comedy Store stage, that Ariane discovered she had a knack for comedic timing and banter. In the following years, Ariane made the jump to Reality TV, most notably known for her sharp wit and sometimes brutal honesty on ABC Family's "Beverly Hills Nannies".Currently, Ariane has a new TV show in development and is filming on the much anticipated 2016 feature film - Suicide Squad starring Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, and Will Smith.

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