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Ariana Ron Pedrique posters


November 4, 1989

Birth Sign




Swedish by descent, Ariana was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated from the Emil Friedman's High School where was taught music and acting skills. At age 11, Ariana played the main actress role in the theater school play "Romeo and Juliet". At age 16 Ariana began her career as a model, along with her studies. Two years later she signed a television contract with "Televen TV Network" as a hostess on the entertainment news show called "Lo Actual" and also, initiated her university studies in Social Communications at the University Catolica Andres Bello, in Caracas.When Ariana turned 19, she traveled to New York City to cover the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, hosting the E! Entertainment TV Latin-America special show called "E! Fashion Week" theme based, at that moment, on Custo Barcelona's lifework. One year later, she went to Panama and hosted another "E! Fashion Week" theme based, this time, on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Panama with the same TV Network.The next year, the Mexican TV Network "TV Azteca" invited Ariana to travel to Mexico and cast for the "CEFAT Acting School". read more

At age 21, she signed a TV contract with the aforementioned Mexican Network and moved to Mexico City where she spent more than three years studying acting at CEFAT and officially working as an actress.She got important roles on several soap operas. But Ariana wanted to keep evolving her career. By now she has had the leading role in two theater plays: "Fools for love" by Sam Shepard and "Sólo 15 minutos" by Rodrigo Koelliker, she also was a hostess on an entertainment family show called "El Hormiguero Mx", aired to numerous countries including U.S. and during the second semester of the 2016, she was part of two big projects; one of them was co-hosting an entertainment television show called "Lip Sync México" produced by Comedy Central and TV Azteca which it was broadcasted to all the Latin-American countries. And the second one was a supporting role in a Mexican drama television series called "Rosario Tijeras", produced by Sony Entertainment Television and TV Azteca. Both projects were very important. "Rosario Tijeras" broke all viewing rating records in Mexico.Recently, Ariana just finished shooting a horror television series titled "Dos Lagos" produced by 20th Century Fox in collaboration with TV Azteca, which will come out by 2016.

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