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Ariana Molkara posters


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Ariana Molkara was born on May 16 2003 in Southern California. She began to show interest in art and entertainment from an early age of 5 and before no time she was singing and acting in school and local theatrical productions where she mostly played the leading roles Her professional acting career began at the age of 7 with several commercials and short films which have been featured in film festivals where she was awarded for her excellent acting skills. Following a national search, Ariana was picked to play the role of Shirin as a supporting actress in the featured film the Septembers of Shiraz starring Academy Award Winner Adrian Brody, Academy Award Nominees Salma Hayek & Shohreh Aghdashloo. She also has the credit of working in CBS episode of Code Black with Academy award winner Marcia Gay Harden & Emily Alyn Lind. In the 2015 pilot season, she was cast by Warner Bros. Studio in the ABC pilot "The 46 Percenters" & in 2016 by 20th Century Fox for Chad: An American Boy. Ariana is an amazing singer & her passion for singing took her to many national singing competitions where she won multiple platinum awards . read more

Recently she won a national gold medal at Royal Conservatory Music Development and subsequently she was invited to sing at the Newman Recital Hall in USC. She has used her singing talent to reach out to children in need by participating in many charity events and fund raising venues. Ariana is a well-rounded individual who is not only a top student in her class, but also is very busy with acting, singing, ice skating and playing tennis and piano. In her free time she likes to read books, paint and design arts and crafts.

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