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Ari Barkan posters


Birth Sign


5' 10" (1.78 m)


A young man, who has been referred to by industry professionals as a "rising star", Ari Barkan is truly the definition of that term. Whether it is co-creating and starring in one of the most popular and well known Russian YouTube series entitled "Baba Fira"; or its' working alongside one of his best friends and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - the phrase stays true. The same can be said of his work in several television shows and independent films; following two co-star roles on Gotham and The Blacklist, Ari proceeded to work alongside the legendary Harvey Keitel in his friend Danny A Abeckaser's upcoming film "First, We Take Brooklyn." And if that wasn't enough, Ari will be appearing in several upcoming films directed by the legendary John A Gallagher. With more casting news on the way, "rising star" is definitely THE term to describe this always-hustling, never-backing-down Ari.Ari is represented by Metropolis Artists Agency, Laura Lichen Management, and freelancing with Abrams Artists Agency for commercials. read more

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