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Areva Martin is one of the most sought-after autism experts in the nation.From humble beginnings in America's heartland, Areva's passionate advocacy on behalf of those whose voices are marginalized propelled her to the top of her field, graduating with honors from the University of Chicago and Harvard Law School.Relocating to Los Angeles, she founded a thriving legal practice specializing in ADA, Employment and Housing Disability Discrimination, Family Law, and School Law (bullying & harassment), among others.But when Areva's son, Marty, was diagnosed with autism at 18 months, her profession became personal. Suddenly, this highly capable and accomplished woman's most important title was "mom fighting for her child."Areva quickly tackled the complex web of diagnoses, misconceptions, and treatments with the same vigor she had marshaled in every one of her cases. She was fortunate. Her education and network enabled her to navigate the medical establishment and find the best treatment and resources for Marty. read more

Areva's eyes were now wide open and her heart even more so. She realized not all parents and guardians had her advantages and immediately did something about it - founding the Special Needs Network (SNN), a non-profit organization created specifically to help minorities and low-income families advocate for their autistic children. SNN has raised millions of dollars and provided for over 15,000 families in low income communities across California.Areva has modestly accepted the numerous accolades that followed, lifting them up to shine a light on SNN and the families that struggle every day for their kids. Among other honors, she received Cookie Magazine's Smart Cookie Award for making the world a better place, Woman of the Year Award from LA County, Neighborhood Hero Award from Bank of America, Professional Excellence Award from the Association of University Women, and most recently, along with Gov. Jerry Brown, the 2011 California Legislative Black Caucus Civil Rights Leadership Award.Areva is the author of the best-selling book The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up For Your Autistic Child (Penguin, April, 2010). The popular title will be available in paperback April 2011.With regular appearances on The Dr. Phil Show and The Doctors, as well as stops at The CBS Early Show and Fox News, Areva's expertise has helped millions of caregivers, guardians, and parents find the strength and the voice to advocate for their children and loved ones.Still, Areva remains humbled by her journey and looks to each new day with courage and a passion for discovery.

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