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5' 7" (1.7 m)


Areana Cirina was born in Silverton, Oregon, August 23rd, 1989. She is the sixth of seven children and grew up accustomed to large meals.Areana was a very athletic child, involved in Track, Volleyball, and Basketball in her high school years. She excelled in school and graduated with a Chancellor's Diploma along with being a member of the National Honor Society.Areana wanted to be either a Lawyer or Fashion Designer growing up, and started modeling at age 19. She has also worked as a runway model in over 30 fashion shows and has done well over 200 photo shoots with designers, modeling products such as clothing, swimwear, jewelry, eye wear, and many others.Areana's first role was in the Indie Feature, Hammer City, in which she plays Sarah Rhysdale. She later went on to play the lead in many indie films and had a guest appearance on the television show, Grimm. She recently filmed as a recurring character on American Horror Story, and is signed to play the lead in the upcoming Horror Feature, Hell Ranch, by writer and director, Brad Ryal. read more

She is currently (as of 11/07/2016) in negotiations with several other projects, yet to be announced.

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