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Aramis Pacitto posters


December 6, 1992

Birth Sign



6' (1.83 m)


Aramis Pacitto was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During his sophomore year he began writing and creating TV series' with his cousin Andrew Di Pardo. In 2012 everything changed, now a psychology student at York university, Aramis and Andrew opened up their own production company in order to shoot their first short film as proof of concept to get a show green-lit. This launched him into a new world, unlocking a new and exhilarating passion that had laid dormant within himself for over twenty years. Shortly after he landed his first agent and began auditions while producing over fourteen short films with Andrew Di Pardo one of which Aramis was nominated for best writer, actor and director. In 2015 Aramis decided to launch a successful free lance modeling career. Aramis is currently acting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada full time.

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