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Arabella Holzbog posters


October 1, 1966

Birth Sign




Arabella Holzbog was born in Gloucestershire, England, received her B.A. in Art from Pomona College (CA) and studied Performance Art and Movement Theater at Riverside Studios (London). She has played lead and supporting roles in numerous films, television series, miniseries and on stage in both the U.S. and U.K. Arabella also works as a visual artist and for the Montgomery Gallery (CA) she created 'Theatre of the Aconscious,' a multimedia installation combining photography, sculpture and sound. She has worked as a visual collaborator, writer and performer with director/choreographer Daniel Ezralow since 1995, when they created 'Mandala,' a multimedia extravaganza, that toured worldwide and was reviewed as a work of "modern genius." Together they have conceived and created the critically acclaimed dance theater play 'PEARL' at Lincoln Center David H. Koch Theater (2015), the touring dance theater shows 'WHY' (2005) and 'OPEN' (touring); danced a modern rendition of Shakespeare's 'Othello' (2003) and performed excerpts from Peter Gabriel's opera 'OVO' (2004) for the Todi Arts Festival, Italy. read more

Arabella has been awarded the Mary Drew Art Award, the Duane Michaels Award for her work in photography and is a recipient of the Fleming Fellowship.

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