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Apriel Starkweather was born on July 6th in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up in the country in McLoud, Oklahoma, riding horses and learning about the safety of firearms. She spent some time traveling after she graduated a year early, at Westmoore High School in Moore, OK. She lived in New York City for eight years before residing in Los Angeles since 2013. She started acting, modeling, and singing at a young age. Her passion for the Arts grew over the years, so she decided to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry, rather than her degree as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Apriel started her own Production Company, Triple 7 Media & Productions LLC. in the beginning of 2016. Learning more about the business side of the industry, she delved more into her creative side in writing and producing, as well as her acting. She absolutely loves the outdoors, riding horses in Burbank, practicing her Martial Arts, skydiving in Perris,CA, weight boarding, racing and drifting cars, riding motorcycles, shooting firearms, and learning how to surf. read more

So naturally, action films are of a big interest, and learning to do her own stunts. Thanks to her love of the water, she started doing many underwater photo shoots as a mermaid, in 2016, including learning to free dive, etc. Fame and fortune is not her goal in life, but to live out her passions and grow as an artist and person. Her goal in life is to open up multiple organizations that help abused women and children, and to have the ability to reach an unlimited amount of people, that are in need of help. For Apriel, her success is all about doing it for all the right reasons, and shedding light where it is lacking. God has a very special plan and nothing will stand in the way of this beautifully tragic untold story that will ultimately be revealed to all in the end, by the help of one thing she holds onto every single day, which is faith.

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