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Anya Avaeva posters


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Anya was born in a small town in Siberia, Russia, and grew up in Krasnodar in Southern Russia near the Black Sea. Having studied Geography and English in college, Anya would later rely heavily on one of her two majors, namely, English, when she moved to the United States. She spent most of her college years performing on stage - singing, acting, producing, which prepared her for an unexpected alternative career later in life. Anya made a cultural transition of her life by moving to the United States in 2002. Her years in New York began with rudimentary jobs but quickly moved up to modeling and acting. After a taste of the bitter-sweet Big Apple, Anya relocated to Hollywood, seeking her big break in the entertainment industry. Since her arrival to Southern California, Anya has worked in film, television, live theatre, as well as written and produced her own projects. Some of her favorite pass time includes horseback riding, flying in Soviet fighter jets and engage in Airsoft military simulation exercise as a stealthy sniper. read more

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