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Anulka Dziubinska posters


December 14, 1950

Birth Sign



5' 4" (1.63 m)


Luscious and petite blonde knockout Anulka Dziubinska was born on December 14 in Preston, Lancashire, England. She's of Polish descent. Dziubinska was a finalist in the Miss United Kingdom competition in 1970. She worked for five months as a blackjack Bunny at the Playboy Club in London, England. Anulka was the Playmate of the Month in the May, 1973 issue of "Playboy." Dziubinska had previously appeared in the pictorial "Girls of Munich" in the August, 1972 issue of "Playboy." Moreover, she was also a Page Three model in London. Anulka achieved her greatest enduring cult cinema popularity with her steamy and uninhibited portrayal of lusty and enticing bisexual vampire Miriam in Jose Ramon Larraz's supremely sexy and arousing soft-core horror gem "Vampyres." She had co-starring roles in both Ken Russell's "Lisztomania" and "The Likely Lads." Dziubinska made guest appearances on the TV shows "The New Avengers," "The Tomorrow People," "Magnum, P.I.," "Bare Essence," and "Falcon Crest." Anulka Dziubinska has also worked as a florist, a restaurateur, and a tree vendor from Scotland to Iran. read more

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