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Antti Luusuaniemi posters


September 7, 1979

Birth Sign



6' 1" (1.85 m)


Antti Luusuaniemi was born in Tammisaari, which is mainly Swedish speaking city in south part of Finland. After graduation from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki 2004, the Scandinavian born actor worked several years in Finnish National Theatre where he played for example the demanding name role in Chekhov's 'Platonov' at the age of 29. He did many big roles on the main stage for the Finnish National Theatre from where he continued to work in front of the camera. He has appeared in many award winning films and TV-series in Finland and abroad. He worked with Rade Serbedzija (Before the Rain, Snatch, Eyes Wide Shut) in 'The Liberation of Skopje' (2016), as a Nazi officer Herzog in German and his working languages are also English, Swedish and Finnish. Oscar nominated director Selma Vilhunen (Do I Have To Take Care of Everything) chose Antti in her new film 'Little Wing' which was a huge hit in TIFF 2016. A year before (2015) Antti was nominated for the best Performance in a Drama (A Brat) in Los Angeles NewFilmmakers Best of 2014 Award. read more

He wrote and developed a comedy TV-series 'Wingman' for The Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) 2016 which he stars with his co-writer Kari Ketonen. Antti has the lead in two feature films 2017; Visa Koiso-Kanttila's 'Starboy' and Maarit Lalli's 'The Sixth Time'.

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