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Antonio Riestra posters


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Antonio Riestra ASC, ACK CinematographerAntonio's love for cinematography has been a long process of self-discovery; Light is invisible and so are emotions. Lenses give you the tool to bring together the world into your eyes with the camera being the vase to pour the image into. Antonio is a self-taught cinematographer who started his career with a Nikkormat, a 50mm lens and an amazing amount of curiosity and involvement. He has shot movies in many languages and different corners of the world with many extraordinary people behind and in front of the camera. Filmmaking is a collaborative process, everything that happens in and around the camera goes onto the screen and makes the movie what is actually is. Cooperation and mutual understanding have helped him to earn the Spanish Goya and Gaudí awards and nominations in Canada and the Czech Republic. These being countries where he has lived and matured both personally and professionally. He is now based in between Prague and LA. Antonio has worked with the following Directors: Agustí Villaronga Akiva Goldsman Andy Muschietti Arie Posin Daniel Benmayor Francesco Carrozzini Iciar Bollain Julius Sevcik Kaz Kiriya Kurt Volker Milan Balog Nabil Petr Nikolaev Rob LegatoHe is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, the Czech Association of Cinematographers (ACK), the European Film Academy, the Catalan Film Academy and IATSE 600. read more

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