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Antoine Monot Jr. posters


June 22, 1975

Birth Sign



6' (1.83 m)


Now a Swiss citizen, Antoine Monot, Jr was born in Germany in 1975. Monot undertook numerous PR mandates for touring theater groups following his training as a director at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zürich". In 1993 Monot, Jr. produced the short film _Timing (1999 short)_ for the "Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich".In addition to his activities as an actor in German films (_Jazz (1994)_, _Gigantics (1999)_, Lammbock (2001), _The Experiment (2001)_, _The Family Jewels (2003)_, _Blaue Grenze, Die (2005)_qv) Monot, Jr founded, together with Karl Spoerri in 1999, the Creative Arts Management Talent Agency based in Zurich, later in Munich and then Cologne. He collaborated actively in developing the company, first as an agent and later as a consultant, until it disbanded in 2005. Monot, Jr has, since 2004, written a regular column, initially for the youth magazine "Blond" and then, until present, for 'www.kolumnen.de/monot.html'.In 2004 he became responsible for the development and web presentation of the English digital film festival "onedotzero_adventures in moving image", to be implemented in Zurich in the Autumn of 2006. read more

Antoine Monot, Jr is a founding member of the 'Zurich Film Festival' and active as the festival's Programme Director.

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