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Antoin Cox posters


April 24, 1974

Birth Sign




Antoin Cox (1974) was ever since he could listen mesmerized by sound. He started studying Sound at the Dutch Film and Television Academy (NFTVA) in Amsterdam in 1995. During his study he already worked on small productions, including documentaries, short films, and abroad projects. In 1999 he graduated and at age 25 this was also the year of his first big feature film. Ever since he has been working non-stop on Dutch features, traveling around the world doing documentaries and TV series. He still was combining this with a small post production studio for sound-designing documentaries and TV movies.After his productions sound work was substantially increasing he focused on that part and a few years later he did European co-productions and international features.Due to the small ADR budgets in The Netherlands he specializes in recording useful Production Sound which is valued by most of the post production companies who did work on Antoin's sound material.Antoin has an extensive set of equipment, with 4 HDSoundrecorderds, the cream of the crop mixers, a huge set of microphones of many brands and types, even state of the art Tube preamps for special treatments and all peripherals you need to make proper sound. read more

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