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Anthony Wonke is an Emmy and triple BAFTA winning director, and an Oscar nominated and Emmy winning Executive Producer. He's also won, amongst other awards, the Prix Italia, Peabody, Grierson and RTS for his films. Known for his original feature documentaries 'Children on the Frontline', 'Fire in the Night', 'The Battle for Marjah' as well as his documentary series 'The Tower: A Tale of Two Cities', he released his latest theatrical features 'Ronaldo' with Universal Pictures and 'Being AP' with BBC Films. His commercial work for Ogilvy Mather and Saatchi on Du Pont Horizons, and Jaguar campaigns has been rewarded with numerous industry awards. He is currently working on a major production for Disney (March 2017), which will be announced soon. Wonke's work ranges across a variety of genres always highlighted by intelligence, visual flair and emotional insight.Wonke's work has been shown at film festivals in the USA, Canada, the Far East, and the UK, as well as being televised on BBC 1, BBC 2, Channel 4 and HBO. read more

He is well known for The Tower: A Tale of Two Cities (2007), The Battle for Marjah (2010), Crack House USA (2010), and Fire in the Night (2013), Children on the Frontline (2014).

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