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Anthony Sherwood is an actor, director and documentary filmmaker whose career spans over 35 years in stage, television and film. Anthony comes from a musical family and his Aunt Portia White was Canada's first famous black classical singer. Some of his documentary films have received numerous national and international awards. Sherwood has worked with such illustrious film directors as Sidney Lumet (nominated for 5 Oscars), Ted Kotcheff (executive producer of "Law & Order") and Michael Crichton, (creator/writer "ER" and "Jurassic Park").Anthony Sherwood has performed in some memorable television roles. American audiences will remember Anthony as Jason Locke in the American television series, "Airwolf II". For five successful seasons, he portrayed the character of Dillon Beck on the C.B.C. award-winning television drama, "Street Legal" and received a Gemini Award nomination for his performance.His company, Anthony Sherwood Productions, specializes in producing documentary films focusing on social justice and human rights issues and has traveled around the world producing compelling projects dealing with HIV/AIDS in Africa, landmines in Bosnia and Cambodia, and youth violence in Jamaica. read more

.His documentary film, "Honour Before Glory" is the story of Canada's one and only all-black military battalion that was formed during World War I. The film won a Gemini Award and a Hollywood Black Film Festival Award in Los Angeles. His documentary "Music - A Family Tradition" won a Gemini Award and was nominated for an International Emmy Award. His documentary film, "100 Years of Faith" is the story of one of Canada's oldest black churches and was featured at the Caribbean International Film Festival in Barbados. For seven years, Sherwood was also the host and narrator for the documentary series "Forbidden Places" on the Discovery Channel. He also wrote and directed several episodes. "Forbidden Places" was nominated for Best Documentary Series on Canadian television for two years in a row.Sherwood was also the host and writer for the television talk-show, "In the Black" on OMNI Television."In The Black" was the first program on Canadian television that featured exclusive interviews with prominent African-Canadians.Mr. Sherwood began his acting career on stage and started in musical theatre. He starred in such musicals as "Dream Girls" "Ain't Misbehavin'", "Cabaret", "Razz 'M Jazz, and "The Music Man". In 2015, he appeared in the title role in the Shakespeare play, "Othello". He has written and directed for the stage as well including the play, "Titanic: The Untold Story" which was produced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. In 2016, Sherwood wrote, produced and directed the new play, "The Colour of Courage" to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Canada's one and only all-black battalionIn 2015, Anthony Sherwood published his first novel, "Music In The Dark".

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