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Anthony Raus was born in Albany, New York to Georgina Raus and Alphonso Raus, he was first introduced to acting when his mom signed him up for a weekend acting camp at the New York Theater Institute which he did for 3 nonconsecutive years. He spent alot of time growing up doing live theater, favorite credits include Shrek (Upstate NY Premiere), Annie, Seussical, A Christmas Carol (tour), Peter Pan, Chicago, Into the Woods, the Wizard of Oz and Legally Blonde. In 2014 made the jump to film when he was enrolled in the 2 year film and TV program at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. He and his parents went to the movies frequently. he saw Peter Jackson's King Kong on the big screen and remembers going nuts. it was incredible, Anthony is probably best known for his horror shorts including 'You Better Watch Out' (Writer/Director). 'Blue-J' (Director), A Journey to Sleepy Hollow (Director) and for his feature length Horror Comedy film 'North Woods' (Writer/Director). He recently completed his latest project 'the Audition' about an over baring director who is willing push his actress to the brink of insanity, he has been making films ever since he was a kid, making videos with his moms VHS camera (Shhh Don't tell her). read more

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