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6' 0¾" (1.85 m)


Born Anthony Miller on the 7th June 1971 to parents Laura and Anthony Miller Anthony was born at Gosford Hospital at 1.10am on the central coast of N.S.W where he lived till he was 17 going to school at Brisbainia Primary school, and Erina High school.when he was 15 he started getting involved in the local Gosford Musical Society in lighting and spotlight for shows with this experience he also helped to set up his high schools New Hall/ theatre. After leaving school and finishing year 10, 2 weeks early to go into the work force as a Pastry cook. after 6 months in the work force he left the central coast and moved with his family to Bundaberg in QLD where he became an Apprentice Pastry chef, he started in the Bundaberg Playhouse theatre as a stage hand in a panto ( Puss in Boots) where he had to go out on the stage holding a big bell and chiming it. that was it for Anthony he had caught the Acting bug and has been on stage from then on joining other theatre groups / company's in Bundaberg. read more

at the same time as working at the Bakery he was studying as a Fitness instructor for the YMCA. Anthony also played a wide variety of sports from Rugby league, touch football, Basket Ball, Soccer, Netball, Roller Skating,Squash, some of these he became a representative player and very good at these sports. After finishing his Apprenticeship he worked as a Qualified Pastry chef becoming Qualified in both as a Baker and Pastry chef. Anthony also worked in the fitness industry with special needs kids. He then moved from Bundaberg to Gold Coast to pursue his career. Anthony not only worked in a Bakery on the coast but went into the Hospitality side of things working behind the Bar and Gaming he also did 6 months at Dreamworld as a ride attendant. Anthony now enjoys Acting in Films, T.V. , Commercials and Theater and in the mean time works in Building and Construction and has since studied his Builders cert 3, he has been studying Acting and more recently under the guidance of Aash Arron.

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