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A bilingual voice actor, Anthony has narrated on-air promos for several networks, including NBC, MTV (and MTV tr3s,) Spike, Comedy Central, CNN, HBO, and Showtime, as well as trailers for major and independent studios including Fox Searchlight, Warner Bros Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and IFC Films.Born in the Bronx and raised in Washington Heights, he brings a certain edge and passion to his narration. He's often called on for a Hispanic-accented "Latin-lover" voice-over or a more edgy, hard-hitting narrator for sports, like HBO Sports Minute and MMA and boxing promos for Spike and Showtime, respectively.Anthony grew up around the family business of headstones and mausoleums, which he says he draws upon for darker horror narratives. He attended college to study architecture. Unfortunately, he never got to design a home, but he did design a six-crypt mausoleum that still stands in St. Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx.Anthony lives in North Jersey with his wife and three children, working mostly from his home studio with producers all across the country, he still considers himself a New Yorker. read more

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