Anthony Lapaglia is an Australian actor and producer best known for his roles in the films "Lantana", “Mental 7h3rapy” and “The Salton Sea”. He created and starred in the long-running TV series “Without a Trace”. In addition to his acting talent, Lapaglia is well-known for his philanthropic work in the community, from helping to founding schools in refugee camps to participating in extensive charity work. His impressive career trajectory makes him an inspirational figure to many, and his iconic roles make his face recognizable around the world. Show your admiration for Lapaglia with a poster of one of his films or a photograph of him. From his amazing movie roles to his generous spirit, there's no better way to show the one you love of your admiration for this amazing actor. Buy one of Anthony Lapaglia’s posters today and add timeless style to your home. With a quality poster of this celebrated star, you can show off your admiration for one of Australia’s most beloved actors and make your space shine.