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5' 11" (1.8 m)


Anthony L. Fernandez broke on to the scene in 2010, becoming one of the most emotional and intense up and coming actors of today. Fernandez gained public attention for his intimidating performances, such as Cesar Figueroa in, 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' and most recently gained notoriety with his cross-over comedy performance as Angel in the hit feature film, 'The Wedding Ringer'. Now, reaching prime time television success with his performances as Carlos Diego on Hawaii Five-0 & as Texas in John Singleton's hit series 'Rebel' on BET.Anthony L. Fernandez was raised by his mother Lisa M. DeCoria. The youngest of two brothers, his family constantly moved around the country. He was raised in small towns and big cities, from the east coast and back to his home on the west coast. His young life was filled with experiences of survival, determination, and emotion at its best and worst. From living a fast life of drugs, guns, sex, and violence in the streets to creating a successful film and television career, Anthony L. read more

has turned his life around, becoming a positive example of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, drive and passion.At a time of tremendous obligation and reflection Fernandez made the biggest decision of his life and after studying Eric Morris Method Acting for a number of years he pursued his professional acting career. Fernandez has played a variety of roles from police officers to criminals, drug addicts to loving fathers. Delivering many colorful performances, Fernandez paints an organic picture with his presence.His career going strong, Fernandez continues working hard to achieve industry success. Using every opportunity on and off set to develop his craft. The look of a dark figure with a mysterious past meshed with his warm appeal, helps him to connect with his audience. His physical fitness and background in security are attributes that have helped him to cross over into action films such as, 'Close Range', utilizing his Stage Combat, Stunt Driving and Firearms experience. Stepping up his game Fernandez showed his comedic chops having one of the most memorable scenes in the feature film, 'The Wedding Ringer', giving an emotional performance in the award winning film 'The Boatman', and initiating himself into horror with his chilling performance as Juan Morales in the psychological thriller, 'The Evil Gene', all proving his ability to work in a variety of film genres, as well as, television credits including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Kings of Con, Days of Our Lives, & Scorpion, etc.Anthony L. Fernandez continues to solidify himself as a character actor & permanent fixture in the industry with many more intriguing, dark, and mysterious performances to come. Anthony L. Fernandez resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 children.

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