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Anthony Kirlew was born December 8th in Fort Worth, Texas to the parents Sondra and Paul Kirlew. Raised with a sister while attending Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA) where he studied acting (theatre), singing and music theory. He had a love for music as a young child and was a member of the Texas Boys Choir his love for acting was not realized until middle school. He held offices in the Thespian Society and Fort Worth Chapter of Jack and Jill of America Inc. During his high school years he privately trained for film and television and in an apprenticeship program at Casa MaƱana Theatre under the direction of Tom Kosis (Side Show) and Eric Woodall (Big River) and Noah Putterman (Jekyll and Hyde). He presently resides in Los Angeles, California where he attends Relativity School studies acting for Film and Television.

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