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Anteo Quintavalle posters


Birth Sign


6' 1ΒΌ" (1.86 m)


Anteo is third son of the late Lombardian Count Quintavalle Di Monasterolo D'Adda and playwright, the first cousin to the Marquis Mina di Sospiro and lineal descendant of the Fransiscan apostle Bernardo Di Quintavalle.Though born in Auckland and retaining New Zealand citizenship, Anteo was raised in London where he trained martial arts at the Budokwai Club, becoming a junior national judo champion under the guidance of the Olympian Neil Adams. After graduating in Business Economics from Warwick University with honors, and a successful career in property and natural resource investment, Anteo moved to Asia to pursue other business opportunities, including the formation of Eastern Films, a production vehicle for his own writing.While not actively pursuing a career in acting, his study of Shakespearean prose, combined with a nuanced, articulated delivery and an ability to perform his own action sequences, has caught the eye of numerous passing productions, culminating in landing the role of Jessica Alba's errant boyfriend Frank in the Mechanic franchise. read more

In 2012, Anteo was elected to the Board of Directors of Alexander Lebedev's, former AIM listed Company, Timan Oil and Gas PLC, with 100% shareholder approval, where he continues to oversee the Companies corporate governance and investor relations.He divides his time in Thailand at his 20,000sq ft retreat, Villa Surin and the United Kingdom and maintains a passion for fine arts, antiquity and English literature.

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