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Ante Novakovic posters


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Director - Writer - Producer, known for the upcoming horror feature "Fright Fest". His short films - "The Fix" (Armand Assante) and "Tammy" (Cathy Moriarty) have garnered Best Short awards and nominations at The Sarajevo Film Festival, Norwegian International Film Festival and the Pula International Film Festival. He has also directed three episodes of the Redrum television series for the ID Discovery Channel. Born and raised to immigrant parents in the Bronx, NY, his journey into film was inspired by his passion for art and the written word. While attending the New School University he wrote and directed "The Immigrant's Son", "A Room Full of Nothing", and "Poems Taught", - character/ theme based plays performed off-Broadway. He began working in film alongside Harvey Keitel and Colin Farrell as an associate in their respective production companies - which allowed him the unique opportunity to work on over 60 feature films giving him specific insight into the practical, technical and overall craft of feature film making. read more

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