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Annamaria Lorusso was born in Altamura, Apulia. Her mother, Maria, is a seamstress and her father, Attanasio, was an employee of AMIU. Her parents used to take her in theatre and cinema and she began acting and singing when she was just 8, when her mother heard about an acting and singing competition on the radio and decided to enroll Annamaria in it, thus increasing her passion for acting.In 2001 her father got cancer and in March 2002 he died. Annamaria suffered a lot her father's loss and just stood by her mother to help her snap out her depression. She loves her mother and they have a really good relationship.In May 2002 he graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures and she started to take several acting classes, improving her elocution and production design.Later she became involved with acting in theatre and she realized that she wanted to act for the rest of her life. In 2004 she moved to northern Italy where she became to work as a teacher in primary school.After many years she explored the independent film world with Insane (2015) and, in the meantime, she realized two short movies as producer, director and actress. read more

In 2015 she became know for The Choice (2015) , in which she's producer, actress and director and thanks to which she won four Award of Excellence at the "Best Shorts Film Competition" and even a Special Mention for her short film.At the end of the same year she decided to produce The Reaping (2017) , a Television Series together with _Roberto D'Antona_.

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