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Annaleigh Ashford posters


June 25, 1985

Birth Sign



5' 4" (1.63 m)


Annaleigh Amanda Swanson was born in Denver, Colorado to mother Holli Swanson. Since her mom was a gym teacher, Annaleigh was enrolled into various gym activities - activities that she didn't enjoy. When Annaleigh was 7 years old she told her mom it was time. Holli knew what Annaleigh meant.From there she went on to study at Denver's Kit Andre Performing Arts Center. Annaleigh loved to perform and went on to performing in her hometown until she graduated high school.She wanted to get on with school fast, so she graduated high school in only three years. From there she went to Marymount Manhattan College, where she managed to earn a theater degree in three years.Shortly after, Annaleigh was cast in the ensemble of the touring version of the hit Broadway show Wicked, and was an understudy for the lead role of Glinda. She traveled with the show for 10 months. In 2007 she booked and originated the role of Margot in the Broadway musical Legally Blonde. Legally Blonde was Annaleigh's first Broadway show. read more

She left the show in September 2007 to take over the role of Glinda in Wicked. This time, at the Gershwin Theater on Broadway.

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