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Annakin Slayd aka Andrew Farrar is a writer/director/actor/musician from Montreal. He founded an award winning theatre company, Untimely Ripped Entertainment at the age of 21. He has written numerous plays, including the Canadian success "Tecumseh As A Doorstop" and the Off-Broadway cult success, "Killing Jar Jar". He has directed many theatre productions in Montreal, Vancouver and New York's independent scene. As an actor, he has appeared in over 15 plays.After a brief hiatus from acting where he launched his Hip Hop music career under the pseudonym Annakin Slayd, Farrar returned to film and TV where he appeared in "The Kate Logan Affair", "The Factory" and Quebec French language TV show "Les Rescapes". In 2010 he wrote, produced and co-starred in his first short film called "The Partner". In December 2010 Farrar was cast as the voice of "Dean Winchester", a part made famous by Jensen Ackles, in Warner Brothers "Supernatural: The Animation". "Happy Slapping" the first feature ever shot on iPhone 4, which he wrote, scored and appeared in, debuted at the Montreal Film Festival in August 2011. read more

As Hip Hop star Annakin Slayd, Farrar is famous for his sports anthems celebrating the NHL's Montreal Canadiens and the MLB's Montreal Expos. The tributes to his beloved home teams have racked up over a million hits on YouTube.

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