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Annabelle Chow posters


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Annabelle Chow is a young actress who loves films, theatre, and music. Portraying little girl "Lucy" in the film "Going in Style" is her d├ębut on the silver screen.Annabelle started acting in kid's theatre performances when she was 5. Annabelle has been featured in various national commercials on TV and radio. Her first commercial work in IBM Waston Ad campaign appeared widely on national TV, WSJ and New York Times, and social media. She also made several appearance on NBC and ABC shows.Annabelle is also a talented voice over actress who worked on multiple animated series including Internal Emmy Award winning "Bing Bunny", Super Wing, etc.Annabelle is a passionate young musician. She won the 2016 NJMEA Piano Competition Composer Commissioned 1st place.Annabelle is fluent in English, Chinese, and Spanish and is part of the gifted and talented program.Annabelle loves everything about acting and feels that she is the happiest girl in the world to be working on the set.

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