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November 18, 0000

Birth Sign



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Anna Wilding is an award winning Actress, Director, Writer, Producer, known in America and abroad. Anna Wilding called "iconic" by American and European media. Anna's work on screen has been cited as "captivating"and "beautiful".An outstanding creative, cited as "truly multi talented" by media Anna works in both the mainstream and independent/art house American movie and television business. Anna has also made major music videos for major rock stars and labels.Throughout 2015/2016 Ms Wilding has been honored to serve as a White House Correspondent. In 2017 Ms Wilding returns to film and TV duties and film company with the acquisition of novels for active development with her film partners. Anna judged the Australian Atom Film and TV Awards 2013, 2014.In 2007 Wilding was also specifically thanked for her important Humanitarian and consultant producer work on all three Lord of the Rings films by the Producer Mark Ordesky and additional New Line executives through her legal representatives in New York. read more

As an actress, reported in the New Zealand media nationwide at the time, Anna tackled a serious NZ issue and played the first "battered wife" ever seen on prime time New Zealand television, Gail, on the long running and award winning international television show Shortland St. Anna's clips selected for the show at that years TV Awards, won for Best DramaTV SeriesAnna directed and starred in the theatrically released and popular award winning and critically acclaimed hit feature documentary film Buddha Wild Monk in a Hut. (as Narrator/Presenter and Director, Writer and Producer. Anna's additional responsibilities also included cinematography). The film qualified and was considered front-runner for the Oscars, is archived at Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences by official invitation, played out of competition at Sundance, and was nominated for and won an award in Best Feature Documentary USA by Kids First and the Coalition Of Quality Media -a collection of major US studios. A rare and ground breaking achievement for feature documentaries, and indeed women Directors, the film played for over 60 days in cinemas.Other notable films Directed by Ms Wilding include Pop Culture Punk Art which was selected for Cannes SFC 2010, White Sands and numerous others and the feature documentary Faultline on the New Zealand earthquakes.Wilding was first discovered as an actress by an well known agent in New Zealand and then discovered by visiting Disney casting directors at the age of 16, who urged Anna to pursue an acting career internationally. Anna left New Zealand for Australia and America in her teens to do that. Anna worked successfully as an actress on TV in comedy shows, feature film,and professional theater in New Zealand and Australia and then London and USA. Professional theater shows included: Heloise and Abelard, Dazzle(Auckland Town Hall), Midsummer's Night Dream - off Broadway New York, When Harry Met Sally (Pasadena Arts Center Los Angeles) Theatresports awarded Player of the Season(Court Theater) and many others. Anna studied with Dame Ngaio Marsh at one point. Ms Wilding loves improv and performed as guest star with 2nd City on one of their tours to Los Angeles.Ms Wilding has undertaken several guest star appearances including performing live at the televised Celebrity West Coast New York Tony Awards 2000 in the USA.Amongst other major music videos Ms Wilding directed and or co produced for artists ranging from Rolling Stones to UB40, Stanely Jordan, David Parker,in 2005, Anna's long form music video"Rebel In Me",(made for the International Songwriter of the Year 2004 -World Music Awards-Moana and the Moa Hunters) was nominated for 2005 Los Angeles Femme Film Festival and played to rapturous applause in a packed house in downtown LA.Ms Wilding's music videos have been seen on extensive play at MTV, VH1 etcEarly years:Wilding won her first acting award, "Best Actress", at the International Theatre festival at the age of 19 for the comedy "The Patience of Silence" a play she Acted in,Wrote, Directed,Produced. Anna was known for her improv and professional Theatresports (improv comedy) player and won the "Audience Favorite Award".In New Zealand Wilding was short listed for the lead role in Jane Campion's "An Angel at my Table"in NewZealand but didn't do the final audition. Anna , instead,before traveling to USA, took up an acting scholarship she had won at the prestigious VCA in Melbourne, a winter program studying with a renowned New York method coach. Anna was happy to then actually be New York anyway, the day Campion's film opened there. Ms Wilding was 1 of 25 actors, selected by American nationwide auditions to the former National Shakespeare Conservatory New York program (Yale) where she studied directly under one of Meryl Streep's tutors. This was a serendipitous turn as Ms Wilding had often been compared to a young Ms Streep in range. Ms Wilding's audition was held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in Los Angeles( former home of the Oscars).Wilding moved to Los Angeles by herself at the suggestion of casting directors Wilding did not have any kind of mentor-ship in Hollywood, and worked three jobs in production and editing houses at one time, to support herself.Here she collaborated on major music videos and long form rock documentaries with major pop and rock icons and earned producer positions in key production houses leading to directing and producing major rock music videos for major artists.Anna Wilding made a strong ,unique ,and respectable debut into the American entertainment industry working both behind and in front of the camera.Ms Wilding, was unimpressed with the all pervasive casting couch, that was still prevalent in those years, put her acting career on hold multiple times .Instead she worked ,showed skill in, and enjoyed the challenge of the craft and business aspects of production. Called a whiz kid by Hollywood elite in her 20's, Ms Wilding continues to work in both freelance and executive ranks of the mainstream movie business.Anna was soon an Executive of a couple of high profile independent film companies including Moving Horse Pictures out of London. She made an industry name in production and in-house producer and Exec positions in the mid and late nineties in the mainstream commercial independent feature film scene in LA and London. Wilding had a hand in many significant and award winning films and projects.Industry insiders nicknamed her the 'queen of the independents'. As an executive of prod companies in the 90's, Ms Wilding was also one of the first women in recent Hollywood history...the same era as Julia Roberts Meryl Streep Jodie Foster to fight for equal pay, and opportunity in Hollywood. It was rarely forthcoming and it is a fight that continues by women in Hollywood to this day.Anna used to play in bands as a kid - mainly keyboards.From the ages of 10-15 she was a competitive tennis player. Headlines read at the time, "Wilding Keeps the Flag Flying." Wilding won her first tournament at the age of ten after hitting balls with a stick against a shed in a country paddock. Her family, with an ill parent, could not afford the trip to Florida to train with Bolitteri. Anna still plays tennis.Founded the registered charity Wilding Foundation. In February 2011 Ms Wilding started an emergency relief fund-raising appeal for victims of the Christchurch earthquake.She returned to NZ to work on the ground voluntarily for the charity over a year.Her home town was destroyed by the earthquakes, little to none, of the central city remains.Ms Wilding recently founded the skincare line Kalon Skincare using pure new Zealand bee venom. The skincare was named # 1 Hottest New Beauty Product in America on Amazon.Taking a year off the film business, and moving to DC, in 2015/2016 Ms Wilding has been honored to serve as a White House Correspondent for the past year. 2016/2017 sees Ms Wilding return to film and TV duties and film company with the acquisition of novels for active development with her film partners.

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