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British actress Anna Rust was born to English parents in Prague, Czech Republic, and moved from country to country in her childhood. She began her career early in life, in the TV Mini-Series Doctor Zhivago (2002) at the age of 6. She went on to play the role of the sister in The Brothers Grimm (2005), directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Heath Ledger and Matt Damon. Since then, she has moved on to film Baltasar Kormákur's The Missionary (2013), the indie horror film Bloody Weekend (2013), hit TV series Crossing Lines (2014) and Sean Bean-starring TV series Legends (2015), where she played the intense, yet meticulously feminine Khava, a character of Chechen origin. Currently in post-production is The Zookeeper's Wife (2016), and she is presently shooting Interlude in Prague (2017), and Arktika.1 (2017), 4A Games' post-apocalyptic Oculus Rift game.

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