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Anna Martemucci posters


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Anna Martemucci is a filmmaker, writer, and actor. Her directorial debut, the coming-of-age comedy "Hollidaysburg," was widely praised by top film critics and its screenplay was honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Martemucci was the subject of the critically acclaimed Starz docu-series "The Chair." Her previous films include "Breakup at a Wedding" (producer, writer, actor), and the popular cult web series (now motion picture) "Periods" (creator, producer, writer, actor), both released by Oscilloscope Labs. "Periods" has been featured on The Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, Refinery 29, Indiewire, and Film Independent. Time Out NY named Periods Films #15 on their "50 Funniest Web Series" list. The series was also honored at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Raindance Film Festival in London, among others. Martemucci writes about film for The Talkhouse.

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