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Anna Jane Jackson posters


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5' 11" (1.8 m)


Anna Jane is a young entrepreneur, model, singer/songwriter, and actress. She is a dual US/EU citizen born in Connecticut, but she has lived in Los Angeles most of her life. Exposed to the entertainment industry at an early age, she began performing in commercials, television, and film projects. Eventually she branched out into music, YouTube, and various social media platforms, quickly growing a loyal base of followers. She learned guitar, ukulele, and piano and was the lead singer of a teenage band for 2 years. She began modeling at 14 which led to work for various brands and designers, including two runway features on Vogue.com and extended international assignments. Despite her busy schedule, Anna Jane maintained straight A's through high school. Anna Jane's parents are originally from Georgia although they have been in Los Angeles over 12 years for her father's job as an airline executive. Her mother founded Jackson Entertainment, a talent management company, in 2016 after working as a manager then an agent for other companies. read more

Anna Jane's older brother by 2 years, Chandler, is a private pilot and flight instructor. In her spare time Anna Jane enjoys traveling, photography and film- making, and she loves supporting charities. She has a Yorkie named Teddy.

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