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Anna Carvalho posters


Birth Sign


5' 7" (1.7 m)


Anna Carvalho is a multilingual Portuguese actress with several nominated and awarded Film and TV Series that were selected for Festivals around the world including Cannes, Venice Film Festival, Fantasporto, Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival, Chelsea Film Festival, Festin, WoFF and many more.This fearless actress started her acting career in Lisbon and has been expanding her Education and work in the USA, England, Spain, Italy in Theatre, Cinema, TV, Improv, Voice-singing, Commedia Dell'Art and Movement-Dance.After graduating in Science of Communications - Audiovisuals Anna worked for a few years as a producer and wrote numerous articles that were published about theater and music in the "Inside" newspaper and more recently about Cinema in the Blog "D'Magia."Anna completed her Masters in Performing arts-Interpretation - ESTC Lisbon with distinction. Her own project "Death Cabaret" that she Produced, Co-wrote and acted in for her Masters degree, ran continuously for a year in some of the biggest stages throughout Portugal. read more

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