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Ann Hu posters


September 29, 1976

Birth Sign




Ann Hu began playing piano at age 8, gymnastics at age 9, competing in National Oratorical Contests at age 13, classical singing at 14, and at age 17 was accepted into the NYU Tisch School of the Arts musical theater department at CAP21 (Collaborative Arts Project 21st Century).Soon after, she was chosen to participate in 'Selected Shorts' (a live broadcast reading of selected short stories) at the Symphony Space Theater alongside Stephen Lang (Avatar) and Tony award winning actress Leslie Uggams, before making her Off-Broadway debut with Pan Asian Repertory in the play "The Joy Luck Club", written by Susan Kim, based off of Amy Tan's best selling novel.Since then, her career has held a healthy balance between theater and the film and television industries. She has worked with Jake Scott, Halle Berry, Jerry Orbach, Tim Allen, and many other notable artists in the industry. Hu has performed as an actress and singer throughout the U.S.; and more recently in Los Angeles, as a stand up comedian, where she currently resides. read more

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