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Anlia van Rensburg posters


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Anlia van Rensburg is an actress and vocalist. She made her South African film debut in Agent 2000 (2014), portraying the role of Sune. Anlia will be making her International film debut in 2015 in the SciFi / action film, Revolt.Talented, hard working and a bundle of fun, this artist is eager for her role in the entertainment industry. Anlia is a passionate individual with a combination of skills, such as; acting, singing, dancing, fighting for film, trampoline, swimming, basic guitar, high diving, horse riding and modeling.From an early age, Anlia has always dreamed of and needed to be a successful actress and singer. She went on to complete her Honours Degree in Performing Arts in 2012 at the Tshwane University of Technology, specializing in acting and directing (Cum Laude). Furthermore she has starred in several theatre productions.

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