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Anjorka Strechel posters


January 12, 1982

Birth Sign



5' 3" (1.6 m)


German actress interested in philosophy, international relations, inclusion, justice, sustainability and health. An accomplished screen and stage actress best known for "The Edge" (Alexey Uchitel) that was nominated for the Golden Globe and on the long list for the Oscars in 2010 as best foreign language film (Russia). Screen International listed her among the "European stars of tomorrow" (2009) with stating: "Anjorka possesses a unique screen presence". Born in L√ľneburg, West Germany. As a nine-year-old girl Anjorka played the youngest child Gretl in "The Sound of Music" and also the ape Mr. Nielson in "Pippi Longstocking". Anjorka was internationally seen in "My friend from Faro" and "The strange little cat". She is a member of the German Film Academy as well as of the European Film Academy.

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