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Anja Patricia Knebl was born November 5, 1998 in Morristown, New Jersey to parents Karin (Naylor) a stay at home mom, and Kevin Knebl, a professional speaker. She has a younger brother and sister and her family lives in Colorado.Anja moved to LA from her home in Colorado at age 17 to pursue a professional acting career. She graduated from Lewis Palmer High School in Monument, CO at age 16, a year early and planned to move to LA right after graduation. Her plans were changed when she received the lead role of Tabitha Dalca in the horror feature film The Lake (2016). Lucky enough, her debut feature film was filming in Denver, Colorado, less than 100 miles from her hometown.The character of Tabitha was an outcast and edgy teenager with a vengeance. Anja thoroughly enjoyed every minute on set. Once she completed filming, near the end of 2015, she moved to Los Angeles, California.Anja always had an undying passion for acting and found little interest in college. Not attending college was a problem to some of her closest friends and family members who told her how unrealistic her dreams were. read more

Anja never had a back-up plan. She was interested in other fields as a child but nothing like her draw to acting. It was when she was 14 she figured it out. She explained to her parents that this was her dream and goal in life and how she had planned to graduate early and save enough money to start a life and career in L.A. After that moment Anja started to try and build her acting resume with anything she could find. Even in her small town she found several plays and short films she could work on.As a child, Anja participated in nationwide expos and events centered around acting in film and television. A big win came in the fall of 2015 when Anja was invited to New York City for an exclusive three day intensive program with Bernard Hiller, one of the best acting coaches in the world. She auditioned and fought to get in. Anja didn't tell the program director that she was only 16. Anja was the youngest actor ever to participate in that program. When the speakers and coach found out her age, they were highly shocked and impressed. They were amazed that someone so young would attempt to participate in such an intense program. Bernard told her story to the class and said that "Anja is going to be a star" not only because of her acting ability but because of her attitude to try anything and never give up.To this day, Anja has been in numerous short films, the lead in a feature film and is currently filming an on-going web-series as a super villain, all before moving to Hollywood.

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