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Ani Kyd Wolf posters


September 15, 1969

Birth Sign




Ani Kyd was born in Hamilton Ontario on Sept. 15th 1969 to 17 year old folk singer/songwriter Dianne Kyd who instantly became a single mother. . When she was 10 her family moved to Vancouver BC. She grew up and raised her son Michael there. Ani has directed and produced various film and video projects since 2000, while also being a signed musician to Jello Biafra's American label "Alternative Tentacles Records" Since then Ani Kyd has been on over 50 different CD compilations , collaborating with hundreds of musicians and playing hundreds of shows, internationally and nationally. In 2010 Ani Launched her film production company Sugar Skull Films Inc. She continues to make music but mainly concentrates on directing and producing feature films. In 2016 she married long time friend Chris Wolf and changed her name from Ani Kyd to Ani Kyd Wolf

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