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Angie Simms posters


January 20, 1988

Birth Sign



5' 8" (1.73 m)


Angie was exposed to the world of film and music at a young age. Born into a family of artists with two musically gifted siblings and parents that instilled a "follow your dreams" mentality, it was easy for Angie to choose her path. She was always writing, doing impressions and starring in the school play so it was no surprise when she packed up and moved to Hollywood when she was just 17. Independent and hard working, Angie has paid her dues working consistently in all acting mediums. She's an Upright Citizen's Brigade grad and has been studying drama since she was 13. You can find her in myriad of TV shows and films, such as, "Jackass 3D," "Justified" and various Sketch videos featured on "Funny or Die."

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