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5' 7" (1.7 m)


Born in Los Angeles, raised in San Diego, this driven So-Cal native is an emerging Korean-American actor, writer, Youtube personality, host, and model. This tomboy turned pageant queen first got her Entertainment toes wet when her mother secretly enrolled her in Miss Korea, in hopes of softening her tomboy exterior. Although Angie first rejected her mother's efforts, her competitive nature wouldn't allow her to lose so she found success in Miss Korea and Miss Asia USA pageants.This introduction to the stage spotlight planted a seed in her that would eventually blossom into a passion and love for acting. She received her paralegal certificate thinking she would continue in her law track but shortly thereafter quit to pursue acting. Despite her lack of acting experience, she found success in the audition room as casting directors were quick to see her quirky and charming personality shine through which ultimately led to her land the female lead in KTOWN COWBOYS (SXSW, LAAPFF) alongside Ken Jeong, Daniel Dae Kim, and Eric Roberts. read more

This momentum helped her land the lead in an HBO indie short called THE LAST SONG alongside seasoned veteran, Ernie Hudson. After this she's gone on to the highly awarded and controversial SPA NIGHT (Sundance) where she continued to hone her craft and dive into different characters. She's continued to work on great productions proving to the industry that she's a pioneer in the Asian American entertainment community.In addition to her acting repertoire, Angie has also gone on to star in commercials for Samsung, music videos, Youtube short films, and the list goes on. She's currently writing and starring in her own content for her Youtube Channel, WeGolden Productions. Angie currently resides in Los Angeles.

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