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Angie Bolling posters


Birth Sign


5' 7½" (1.71 m)


Best known for her role as Ellen Murphy ("Mrs. Robocop") in the Robocop Trilogy, Angie Bolling is a veteran actress with a 30-plus year career in Film, TV/Radio commercials, and print campaigns.Born in Mobile, Alabama to Joanne & Milt Bolling (1950's Boston Red Sox shortstop), Angie's earliest films were captured on her dad's 8mm Kodak movie camera, sparking his smiling daughter's interest in acting. She loved the camera. And the camera loved her.Directing & starring in all of her original shows (performed in the family garage with younger siblings, Cary, Val & Rick, cast in supporting roles), she discovered the gift of applause from supportive relatives, good-natured neighbors, and true-blue friends.Angie has been grateful for an appreciative audience ever since.

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